About Us

MG Lawler Companies is a curated collection of high-end privately-held firms dedicated to meeting the needs of affluent clientele.

Founded by Michael G. Lawler, our white-glove core services are truly all-inclusive; real estate, title, insurance, and concierge.

At MG Lawler Companies, we hold a fundamental belief in the importance of tailored solutions, a higher league of our own. We take pride in emphasizing integrity, and above all, positioning ourselves as trusted advisors.

Our approach is driven by competence, exclusivity, and calculated decision-making to achieve outstanding results.

michael g. lawler

Michael G. Lawler, the visionary behind MG Lawler Companies, embarked on his luxury real estate career in New York in 1988. In 1999, he relocated his business to the coveted Naples, Florida, where he honed his expertise exclusively on luxury residential properties within the most sought-after coastal addresses. With an deeply rooted understanding of the industry, a laser-focused market strategy, and a well-established network, Michael positioned himself as one of the most iconic names in the ultra-real estate market.

Today, Michael holds a prominent position as one of the leading sales associates in Naples, and he has achieved the noteworthy distinction of being ranked 15th nationally in terms of sales volume among real estate brokers in the United States, by the REAL Trends/WSJ 2020 report.